Monday, April 27, 2009

Sultan Shariff Ali

Sultan Sharif Ali (also known as

Berkat Ali Ibnu Sharif Ajlan Ibni Sharif Rumaithah) was the third sultan of Brunei. He ruled from 1425 until 1432.-He came from Taif in Arabia. He was a descendent of Prophet Muhammad. He married a daughter of Sultan Ahmad. He was known as Sultan Berkat because he did so much to spread Islam.

He built the first mosque in Brunei. He became the Imam and read the Khutbah. The mosque was also used for other Islamic activities such as study of Al-Quran

and to teach Islamic

law to the

Muslims of

Brunei.As a sign


Brunei was anIslamic country.

Sultan Sharif Ali added the name “ DARUSSALAM” to Brunei. He also created a Royal Emblem or the Panji-Panji, a symbol of the Islamic power in


During his reign Brunei grew in strength and became an important trading centre and the centre for the teaching of Islam. Its empire expanded and its trade grew. It also started to spread Islam to places its controlled. He died in 1432 and buried at Kota Batu. He was succeeded by his son Sultan Sulaiman

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